Muscle Test American Muscle
Muscle Test American Muscle

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HOMEOSTASIS is the natural balance our body stays in, like Yin and Yang. As natural testosterone levels drop with age, so do energy levels because of the downward attenuation of the pituitary gland pulls down production of Adrenal function and Thyroid function. MUSCLETEST is the most comprehensive post cycle therapy, and andropause reversal aid because of the lengths we took at designing a product that encompasses all aspects of "feeling good". Have the peace of mind you are using the BEST.

Your brain sends signals called Leutinizing hormones, that create natural testosterone inside the testes. As we get older or take synthetic testosterone (Steroids or Andro), these signals begin to dim, and stop altogether in some instances. MuscleTest can reverse this and correct the imbalance associated with high Estrogen levels.

A natural approach to balancing adrenal and thyroid levels was taken to eliminate that "down and out feeling" that users of Andro and steroids can feel after a cycle. Also, a downward attenuation of the Adrenal and thyroid glands can occur from lack of pituitary production. MuscleTest will stimulate adrenal and thyroid glands to give you the energy you need.

Muscle Test, the ultimate time machine. Bring your testies back to life, as our leutinizing hormones signal natural production of testosterone so you can perform better athletically , in the weight room, and last but not least the bed room.

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